Theme 5

Theme 5

Geothermal systems and carbon storage

As the effects of climate change become more evident, the need for alternative forms of energy production and the parallel lowering of the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere become more and more pressing. Geothermal energy exploits the Earth’s natural heat and represents an essential element of the renewable energy landscape. Carbon storage may contribute to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions by removing it from the atmosphere or capturing it from point sources.

This session invites contributions focusing on fluids in the geothermal sector and its

finding and exploitation, emphasizing:

• The fundamental processes that govern the development and evolution of geothermal systems 

• data and tools that can be used to constrain and quantify the available resources and to monitor exploitation

• Laboratory experiments and numerical modeling of physical and geochemical processes taking place at depth

• Case history, technical aspects, operational challenges

• Social and community impact of the industrial exploitation of geothermal resources (policy and regulatory frameworks, communication strategies)

• Geophysical and geochemical exploration and induced seismicity

The session will also explore scientific advances and innovations relating to the carbon storage as:

• Assessment of storage potential, reservoir permeabilities and possible migration pathways including assessment, optimization and monitoring techniques

• Development of innovative studies on CO2 storage, as injection of CO2 into saline aquifer, old fossil fuel reservoirs, creation of biofuels, and carbon mineralization

• Examples of laboratory and in situ experimental works, analogue tests, field trials, reaction path and transport simulations with geochemical and/or biological approaches

• Combination of CCS-geothermal technologies

Special attention will be devoted to the social and community impact of the industrial exploitation of geothermal resources and on the CCS technologies application (policy and regulatory frameworks, communication strategies) and their sustainability.

Theme leaders:

Chiara Boschi

Micol Todesco