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Your travel to Geneva

Geneva is at the heart of Europe, with an international airport offering direct flights to over 140 destinations and a convenient hub for low-cost carrier Easyjet.

The train journey from the airport to the city center takes just 6 minutes.
In fact, coming to Geneva by train can be a convenient option as there is a fast TGV connection to Paris, a direct line to Milan and Intercity trains to Zurich and beyond (see here for train timetables: ).

Another economical transport option is long-distance bus travel, for example with Flixbus.

Free public transport in Geneva

The city of Geneva has a vast public transport network of trains, buses, streetcars and shuttle boats (mouette).
Official TPG website:
It’s important to note that all these modes of transport are free for people staying in a hotel or AirBnB in Geneva. Find out more before you arrive or at reception when you check in.

Geneva Transport Card 2022

Congress Venue – Uni Mail

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Uni Mail
Boulevard du Pont-d’Arve 40, 1205 Genève

From the train station:
Tram 15 (direction Grand-Lancy, Place du 1er août) to Uni Mail – 10 minutes
Tram 18 (direction Grand Lancy, Pontet)to Pont-d’Arve – 14 minutes
Bus 1 (direction Thônex, Hôpital Trois-Chêne) to Pont-d’Arve – 14 minutes
Taxi to Uni Mail – 7 minutes

From the airport:
Bus T72 (direction Annecy, Gare routière) to Lancy Pont Rouge, Gare/Etoile and tram 17 (direction Annemasse-Parc Montessuit) to Uni Mail – 22 minutes
Bus 10 (direction Genève, Rive) to Cornavin and tram 15 (direction Grand-Lancy, Place du 1er août) to Uni Mail – 30 minutes
Bus 23 (direction Carouge GE, Tours) to Grand-Lancy and tram 15 (direction Genève, Nations) to Uni Mail – 33 minutes
Train from Geneva Airport station to Geneva Cornavin station and tram 15 (direction Grand-Lancy, Place du 1er août) to Uni Mail – 20 minutes


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Visit Geneva

Take time to visit Geneva! Discover the city, the lake and its monuments: