Theme 3

Theme 3

Volcanic Processes

Volcanoes and their eruptions are fascinating natural phenomena that, directly or indirectly, pose considerable societal and environmental hazards whilst also providing critical resources and shaping the habitability of our planet. These multi-faceted eruption impacts have inspired many generations of scientists to work to improve our understanding of the mechanisms that drive volcanism and it’s impacts. This Theme on “Volcanic Processes” invites researchers to share and discuss ideas on a wide range of volcanic physical and chemical processes associated with volcanic eruptions of all sizes and styles, and including their interactions with the Earth’s subaerial and subaqueous environments. We invite sessions that deal with processes occurring during magma ascent towards the surface and their control on eruption style, processes during eruption, and processes associated with the emplacement and remobilisation of volcanic materials. We encourage colleagues to propose sessions that explore this Theme using both traditional and novel approaches, including observational, field-based, experimental, analytical or numerical methods, and combinations thereof. An integrated and multidisciplinary understanding of volcanic processes and their interactions with our planet’s natural environment will advance our collective knowledge in the field of volcanology and enhance our capacity to reduce volcanic risk. 

Theme Leaders 3: 

Karen Fontijn

Guido Giordano

Emma Nicholson