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Theme 7

Communication in Volcanology

Communication and communication processes in volcanology can have the global reach but also the potential for devastating local impacts that volcanoes themselves have. Effective communication is thus important to us all, and crucial for education, the timely dissemination of information and emergency warnings, advancing scientific understanding of volcanic processes and in developing shared understandings of volcanic risk. It is also an important part of volcano science’s role in a low carbon future.  Communication in volcanology is multifaceted and we welcome session contributions that explore methods, tools or processes that improve communication in the broad field of volcanology and volcanological resources. This can be through a session focus on a particular tool (for example digital technologies, arts-based methods), a particular process (for example, communicating contended topics, working with policymakers or communities at risk, or risk assessment and mitigation) or where a particular outcome is needed (for example: improved education, communication of uncertainty, creation of geo heritage sites).   We also welcome session suggestions that explore case studies of communication during past volcanic events, crises or contexts. Contexts could be wide-ranging: from hydrothermal exploration to museum settings.

The aim here is to excite contributions that share recent challenges and successes in communication from a wide range of perspectives. Volcanology is by nature multidisciplinary and in the case of communication often requires professionals from diverse fields such as geology, seismology, engineering, public education, artists, media, writers, social scientists and historians as well as the communities with whom we work. Our own communication  and cross-fertilization of ideas amongst these disciplines is vital for a comprehensive understanding of volcanic phenomena. Let’s share your experiences, ideas, and wishes for the future by contributing an IAVCEI session on Communication in Volcanology

Theme leaders: 

Jenny Barclay

Szabolcs Harangi